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Request to support RSS Feed import to Pages


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This is not a new suggestion I believe. There are even 2 apps available for this but none of them seem to be ideal at the state they are.

Since IPS already supports feed import to forums why not go an extra mile and include the ability to import a feed to a page database, if a feed comes with an article image - make it the feature image automatically. Add 1-to-1 mapping to database custom fields.

And its a long-shot and perhaps too niche of a feature... but .. a some sort of build in Google Translate mechanism which can be configured beforehand as to which language RSS article title and text would be translated and somehow compared side by side so you can make final changes in translation and publish a news article. For non-english communities which write news articles about things which are sourced from English-speaking news feeds would save a lot of time translating the texts to the target language.

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+1 for this feature request. RSS import to separate records would really benefit our community. For example, we are today copying and pasting press releases manually from several different sources that already provides RSS feeds.

A nice-to-have setting for a RSS import feature would be to make new records hidden per default in order to enable a bit more control over what content actually goes live.

Even without this setting, a big thumbs up for a RSS import feature 👍

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Yay, finally, that's brilliant news! Lot of possibilities open up with this. Thank you! 🥰

I see the NASA image RSS feed is going into Pages, so hopefully it will gracefully handle any images in the RSS feed (e.g. first image as featured news article image)

P.S. Honestly, some people are never satisfied! 😬

P.S.S Hmm, that's also a nice way to import migrate IPS Blogs into Pages Articles, if needed. 🤔

P.S.S.S. I wonder if this will be limited to Pages or whether it supports selecting the Gallery app, as well?

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