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    Fantastic – thank you. Much appreciated. You have a new customer. 😊
  2. Editorn

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    Hi @Makoto, A follow-up to this post as a pre-sale question: did you implement this feature, making it possible to mass add tags to multiple topics?
  3. Thank you for pointing me to that post, NE. I'll reach out to the developer. Cheers,
  4. Hi @Nathan Explosion, I did, but have not found an app that can mass/batch tag topics. There are many great tag managers though, of which I have a few.
  5. Oh, thank you @abobader - I did not know. I sincerely hope you newbie LAC will get better soon. All the best!
  6. Hi, A pre-sale question: Do I understand it correctly, that I can mass-tag all topics in a forum and add a tag to them – keeping their existing tags (if not duplicate)? And are the applied tags using the same tag database table as the rest of Invision Community, meaning the tags will be there even if we need to remove "(NB42) Enhanced Tags System" later on? Keeping fingers crossed. Looking forward to your reply. Regards
  7. In an effort to decrease the number of forums on our board, we'd like to add tags to the topics before moving them together. Let's say there are topics in the "Audio mixing" forum, we'd like to add a "mixing" tag to all of the topics. I am comfortable using SQL commands, but realized every single tag has it's own row in the "core_tags" table where tags can occurs multiple times, rather than the topics table pointing to a unique row containing the tag. So I believe this task includes more than just SQL hacks. Any idea how to accomplish this?
  8. Better late than never, but we'd like to express our gratitude for implementing this feature – it is working perfectly now. Using RSS for generating newsletters and getting an image when aggregating with other news sources with images looks wonderful. Thanks for listening
  9. Hi, The following is related to Pages, and possibly other applications too. From what I can see when clicking on a tag within a page, the search results are sorted by record_saved field rather than the record_publish_date field, which would be more logical. This becomes an issue for example when you need to backdate content. Suggestion: Sort the content by the publish date rather than the date the record is saved, and use the record_publish_date field when presenting the date on the search results page. Alternatively, use the "Sort by" database Pages admin setting. Search results date: Actual publish date: To reproduce: Go to: https://www.studio.se/search/?tags=fredagstipset&updated_after=any&sortby=newest (this is the search result of the tag "fredagstipset") Make sure the sorting order is set to "Date" (Datum) and not "Relevancy" (Relevans). Make note of the sorting order, indicated by the save date under the respective item Make note of the publish_date within each post FYI: The database is set to sort by Publish date. Cheers,
  10. Hi! I bought the plugin version 1.2.7 and I'm mostly very happy with the features - but I have the following two main issues: For audio, only mp3 files are played back. The player shows up for m4a, flac etc, but the playback is not starting. The issue exists with all major web browsers. The files can be downloaded without issues so there is nothing wrong with permissions as far as i can see. The player only shows up in forums and not in Blogs, Pages (page or article) or Messages. I tried using the default theme and also deactivated another plugin just to make sure they are not interfering. The Permissions tab: Any advise?
  11. Hi, When using a RSS for newsletters and/or exports to partners, we'd like to include an image (when available) for records in the RSS. Preferably it would fetch the image as follows: Pages: From the record image, and not images published via the text editor. Downloads: The uploaded screenshot for a file Blogs: Feature Photo (the feature photo of a blog post) Forum topic & Forum posts: The fist image published in a post, if available (low priority from my point of view) (I don't have Gallery, so I can't comment on that, even if it makes sense to offer images in Gallery feeds as well) I believe it also would make sense to use thumbnail images when available, instead of potentially too large fulls-size images in the RSS feed. Best regards
  12. Hi, +1 for this feature request. RSS import to separate records would really benefit our community. For example, we are today copying and pasting press releases manually from several different sources that already provides RSS feeds. A nice-to-have setting for a RSS import feature would be to make new records hidden per default in order to enable a bit more control over what content actually goes live. Even without this setting, a big thumbs up for a RSS import feature 👍
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