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Add ability to see posts from new users who need approval


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I manually validate users on my forum after they have email validated their account.  I also allow "guests" to submit posts and register at the same time, with their posts appearing after they have been validated.  It would be very nice if I could actually see their post(s) before I validate them.  Would be a good way to weed out potential spammers.

When you are validating a user, I can see if they have posts by clicking on the IP address to see the page that shows usage for that IP.  However, when I click on the Posts link (if there are any), it just gives me a list of topics they have posted in.  If I click on the topic, it opens the topic, but the new (but not yet visible) posts cannot be seen.  If there is a way to see these posts, I would love to know how. Otherwise, it would be nice if this functionality was added.

Thank you!


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