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What to do if query times out during install

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Still trying to get 4.4 to install. On test instillation this time instead of live site.  YAAAY

However, during the upgrade from 4.3.6 I noticed one of the queries times out. I have a lot of records to add this key to apparently. Then if I try to run it again it doesn't work because the partially upgraded DB already has the key.

What should I do?




Now it says this



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You're going to need to increase that timeout.

Generally, the upgrader will prompt you to run more intensive queries manually, and you should do those via the MySQL CLI directly, not phpMyAdmin (since you're self-hosted).

If the queries have already been run and you're sure they have, the upgrader should allow you to proceed as normal.

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It should be noted, that if you do run these queries via phpMyAdmin, and they do timeout, that the query is likely still running on the server. To confirm, run SHOW PROCESSLIST, which will show all of the queries currently running. You can then re-run that to see if it's still running, and once it disappears from the list, it's finished.

But yes, it's better to run them via CLI to avoid the timeout.

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I realize this is slipping into noob zone for most of the pro's here but I have always used PHPMyAdmin for queries.
I can't get this to run on the command line. Here is what I am trying.

mysql -h localhost -uMyUser -pMyPass -e "ALTER TABLE `core_reputation_index` ADD KEY `leaderboard` (`rep_class`,`rep_date`,`member_received`,`rep_rating`);MyDataBase";

And getting the following error.

ERROR 1064 (42000) at line 1: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near 'ADD KEY  (,,,)' at line 1

What am I doing wrongly?

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Do this instead:

> mysql -h localhost -uUSER -pPASS
mysql> use "MyDatabase";
mysql> ALTER TABLE `core_reputation_index` ADD KEY `leaderboard` (`rep_class`,`rep_date`,`member_received`,`rep_rating`);

Then you can just run any queries as prompted without having to login each time. Then, once your upgrade has finished, just do this to logout:

mysql> exit


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On 4/9/2019 at 5:06 AM, TDBF said:

If you don't like using CMD or MyPHPAdmin then I would suggest you give HeidiSQL a try.

You will be able to INSERT large Databases without the worry of timing out.

HeidiSQL is such a great interface. +1 to this.

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