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Safe to upgrade to MySQL 5.7?

Tom S.

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2 hours ago, AndyF said:

Until someone else replies they (appear) to be more like strict_mode errors, assuming its selectable in later mySQL versions.

Thanks Andy. I was able to fix them easily myself. I posted them here just to make it clear that there may be issues that IPS are unaware of.

MySQL 5.7 enables strict mode by default. So you have to set a default value for all fields that might not get a value set during an INSERT statement.

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Yes, what Ryan said.

Beyond that, if you run into an issue using our software, it is typically better to submit a technical support ticket than to tag a specific developer here on the forums. We don't always have the ability to review everything and/or resolve issues reported here, where-as a ticket will ensure the issue is looked into and addressed, if needed.

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