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Michael R

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Probably you could download your IPS from your client area.

Then extract it and only use your /system/theme directory.

However, some changes might also be made in the database, so I'm not sure if that would be a wise thing to do it like this.

Depending on what's happening or what kind of problem you're trying to solve.

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49 minutes ago, Michael R said:

Is there a way to download a clean default 4.4 theme? 

Use button "Add theme" -> Create New Theme and Select Manual mode, Next button, and set a name for example IPS Default.
You will get a clean theme.

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19 hours ago, Black Tiger said:

That's even way better. Is this also the case when files in /system/themes are change or corrupted some how?

Theme template files are not stored on disk, so any corruption of files on the disk would not affect theme template files.

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