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How to call username variable?

Black Tiger

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I'm trying to customize some piece of javascript which I would like to put on my forum in a page.

Hello {member_name} welcome on our forum

Or maybe also the sitename variable. However, if I put this in the wysiwig editor in source code html, it will display exactly this and not the username.

I also tried with:

Hello {member_name|raw} welcome on our forum

which had the same result. Somewhere else on the net I've seen somebody using %member_name% but that was for messages. In the mass email function {member_name} is used.

How can I use the variables (and which) in the forum itself in a page or block like described above?


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I tried with Pages by choosing Manual HTML and I also tried with the Page Builder and using the Wysiwyg editor using source html code with the source button.

I'm trying to put something like this there (it's in dutch):

<font color=red>Welkom op Satellite Fun</font>
Leuk om je erbij te hebben <b>{member="name" raw="true"}</b><br />
Veel plezier gewenst!<br />
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
document.write(' Uw laatste bezoek was op ');
document.write(maakDatum(new Date()));
<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">schrijfKlok()

It's part of some larger script code I got, and it puts in all the text and the time and date correctly. The only thing not showing is the username.


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Yes I know what wysiwyg means. But since you can also put html source code in the wysiwyg editor with html enabled.... html=html. So I don't understand the difference between html source code and html source code in a manual created page.

Bug I will figure out how to create a custom block, as soon as Tier II is ready investigating why my database gets cleared out after forum conversion except for uses and forums.

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