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Wrong link in pm notification mail.

Black Tiger

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Hello maybe somebody knows this.

I help a friend with his forum, who is not very good in English, as we are all Dutch.

He has an issue with conversation notification. The e-mail notification of a new conversation or a reply to it is send out, but the link to it is wrong.

The link i get in the email says this:


This results in an error page that the item could not be found, error code 2S136/C

So I had a look at things, and IMHO the correct link in the e-mail should say:


When comparing both, you can see that everything after /8/ is different.

I don't know if this is a common error or maybe caused by a theme issue. How can we fix this so the correct link is send in the notification e-mail please?

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Hello Ryan.

When I look at the e-mail notifications that I get from this forum here, it looks like you're correct. Only the & is translated to the & character. But that's just the funny thing. The second link really does take me to my private message as the first link does not while it should (which I see now after your explanation).
It's not about first or second page, this is purely a private message notification by e-mail, where the message does only contain a few lines text.

But in that case I will tell my friend to send in a ticket or that he adds me as alternative contact, because that's another one i'm alternative contact for now.

Thank you.

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