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Custom Database Table Import

The Britain

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Alternatively: What is the data structure of an XML custom database import?


I have an SQL backup of one of the custom "database" tables. I need to re-import that, but I don't know how to link that up so it fits back in with the rest of IPB.


To clarify I've imported my table backup here.



But it doesn't show up here.



How do I relink it into the backend?

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You essentially need all of the IPBcms_* tables to be reimported, but even then - language strings (such as the database name) are stored in other tables (IPBcore_sys_lang_words in this case), that if you overwrite will affect your current stuff.

I'm afraid reimporting the database isn't as simple as just restoring one table in a backup. The databases feature in Pages is pretty complex and touches many many areas of the suite.

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