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Email validation link not working... from time to time


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Hello ! ?

Some of my board's members tell me that they can't validate an email change or that they can't validate their account creation because the link/button which is in the email doesn't work.

When you hover the mouse cursor over the link, you notice there is no link at all but only text. Here is a screenshot of a validation email which was sent to me by a member :


This happens several time a week, but the problem is that most members' account creations and email changes do work, which means that most members don't have any problem. This makes me suppose that the problem doesn't come from the translation...

How can I fix this in your opinion ?

Thank you. ?

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I would say first of all try to narrow it down to something specific if you can. For instance:

1. Are those who have problems all using the same browser ? aka: they are all using Chrome or all using Firefox etc

2. Are those who are having problems all using the same email ? aka: they are all Hotmail or all Gmail etc


Its possible although unlikely that if the mail they receive from your board is in their spam box / junk folder (as in it was mistakenly marked as spam) it may automatically of disabled links in it. I know hotmail does this as occasionally I'll get a mail marked as junk that is not junk and most of it is disabled. I don't think this is that likely but it is worth checking, basically when you ask about "1" and "2" above, ask them if the mail was in their inbox or a normal mail folder and *not* in their junk/spam folder.

Hope that's a bit of a start anyway. :smile:

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