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Performance issues after turning on SSL

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Welcome, I've got performance issues on main page of my site after turning on SSL (everything done exactly like in Invison guide). 

There wasn't problem like that before turning HTTPS. I'm using Cloudflare pro plan. 

On main page there is 6-7 seconds lag.

Tested on two different PC in different locations. Tested on incognito mode also - same issue on main page.

Here are some screenshots about the issue:


What can I do? Address: https://make-cash.pl 


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It appears any time I save a setting in the theme, it breaks for Android users viewing via Facebook's browser.

I have to clear the forum's cache and it starts to work for some Android users again. 

Does anyone have any idea why this could be? Doesn't matter what theme I am using btw - it breaks using the default theme, too. 

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I'd suggest contacting Facebook to see if they can get you logs of some kind. I don't see it as an IPS problem if it only exists in a single browser. Particularly one browser that isn't a mainstream like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge. 

That and you need to identify and fix every error on your site. Opentype shared a pretty gnarly list of console errors that NEED attention. Fix those first, all of them, then take stock of where you are. And excusing that they are just ads isn't valid. Add shouldn't throw errors like that, and if they are I suggest you find a new ad provider. 

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