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Repeating activity Stream


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This is getting old. 


Is there any way to stop this repeating activity stream and just have it post once? (Locker or Limited Slip) I don't need to travel through 2 pages worth the same post over and over to find the next post. Can't this be just one time taking you your last read post? 

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Ah I am wondering if its a bug but if you select Read Status then the bottom radial it seems to work as expected.

"Unread item links take me to the first unread comment"


EDIT: What version are you on? Are you using Elastic Search or MySQL Search?

Something quirky is definately happening on this site. When I create a new stream with the same options but the first Unread option (go to top of thread) it bugged and showed me all the replies like your screenshot. When I tried a second time both options worked as expected. Also the condensed option when creating a stream didnt seem to apply.

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We've addressed an issue in 4.3.5 where duplicate topics/content can show in the activity stream if posts/comments have been split out of it.


Core - Search & Activity Streams:

  • Fixed creating activity streams on front-end.
  • Fixed duplicate topics showing in some streams if using Elasticsearch and posts/comments have been split.


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Geez I wish I could watch the bug list then I would not have to post here, then post a support ticket asking for why when I could of just preview the bug list and seen that the problem has been reported and release in 4.3.5. 


Personally seem like a big waste of time... :dry:

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