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Member Profile Requires UX/UI Update


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Great to see the gallery got a bit of love in 4.3 and the updates are a big step in the right direction.

I was keen to see if other forums are struggling with the members account/profile section and in particular how it ties in with the gallery as it is so hard to use and our members constantly tell us that they can't find their albums for example. It's the one piece of feedback we get constantly.On desktop, it is just about ok but desktop is rarely used these days (less than 35% for us). On mobile there is so much clutter and key content (gallery stuff) hidden behind drop-down menus (best avoided on mobile) so users never know that option exists.

The profile cover image is a really peculiar format almost makes it impossible for a user to upload something that looks ok?

Essentially, needs simplifying, made easier to use and a focus on what matters to the user rather than all sorts of bits and pieces that aren't that important. Needs to be designed with a mobile first approach.

It hasn't had a revamp since 4.0 was released and was wondering whether there were plans to give it a spring clean?

Thanks, Si

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First of all, I'd like to show the profile cover image without a gap in between the community header and the cover image, which would look a lot cleaner

Second, I'd like to stretch the cover image to 100% width horizontally like in the official IPS blog.

I also suggest to have a look at how lithium shows member profiles.


Here are some enhancements requested already ->


More enhancements can be found here ->


and here ->


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32 minutes ago, Ramsesx said:

I like it the way as it is. Doesn't look this ok to you?

No, at least not for me.

Discussion about the cover image only:

Even in your example (originating from a desktop display), you can't really recognize the horse on the cover image. Maybe the saddle should show the stable logo or you want to catch the cheering live audience as well? Currently, I only notice a roof.

edit: just noticed the expandable cover image, never detected this before… ? Usually I only click on buttons ?

Concerning the informations around: reputation, warning points, follower <- all of these informations could be moved onto the cover image. All Informations displayed in a minimalistic way just with an indicator icon and a value. Which expand on click to a popup with further details.

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@Rikki @Cyboman @Ramsesx @Greenman

Hi Guys :)

Nodebb is not as powerful as IPB :) it is just kid as compared to IPB But They did good job for Member Profile UX/UI for both desktop and mobile. Cleverly Organize the Profile details with side button :)

May be IPB Team can have some UI insipiration from nodebb Profile UX   https://community.nodebb.org/user/julian




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