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  1. Great to see the gallery got a bit of love in 4.3 and the updates are a big step in the right direction. I was keen to see if other forums are struggling with the members account/profile section and in particular how it ties in with the gallery as it is so hard to use and our members constantly tell us that they can't find their albums for example. It's the one piece of feedback we get constantly.On desktop, it is just about ok but desktop is rarely used these days (less than 35% for us). On mobile there is so much clutter and key content (gallery stuff) hidden behind drop-down menus (bes
  2. It would be great if there was a built-in option for members to close their account. This function would need three permission settings and an option to delete or leave their content. Off Members can close Admin to approve It would be so useful and save a lot of time for administrators. If someone wants to leave, there is no point forcing them to stay as they are of very little use. Thanks, Si
  3. It doesn't seem that a retina logo is supported natively in IPS. The best option would be to support SVG files and then there wouldn't be an issue Unless I am missing something, there is no way to set the size and if you use an @2x image it displays at double size (for obvious reasons). Any ideas . - seems weak these days when retina is fairly standard (especially on mobile) and expected. Thanks, Si
  4. On the latest version of this site (invisionpower.com), the brand/logo seems to have been completely removed on mobile within the forum and other areas of the suite? What is the thinking there as it's not a good look for a guest hitting a page (via Google) for the first time and not knowing what company they are dealing with? Am I missing something? Keen for the focus to be mobile-first rather than desktop skewed. I feel that the entire header needs a complete overhaul for mobile to make it a lot simpler and much easier to drive a user around the site. This ties in with a previo
  5. Couldn't agree more and really happy other people are focusing on mobile as I feel the IPS suite is heaverly skewed towards desktop. Mobile-first is the only way to design these days and there is a lot of data to confirm that the hamburger is rarely clicked. Designers like me love it as we can hide stuff away neat and tidy. And that answers the question right there - it's hidden and no on clicks it. I actually think it's less important for notifications as users will learn where that is. For guests especially, it's super important to think about how the suite drives traffic around the mob
  6. Currently with the gallery module there is no quick way to delete multiple images. For moderators, you get a check box and a pop-up that allows you to do it but for some unknown reason this isn't available to members. To delete 10 images in an album, a member has to click each image and then go to 'manage image' then go to 'delete' and then go back and do the same for each one. Clearly this is a terrible experience (like almost all parts of the gallery module) for our members and any community that uses the gallery as a key component to the forum. Thanks, Si
  7. Unless I am missing something, if you roll over the 'clients' nav item (on this site), the blank 'secondary nav' bar appears? As per the screenshot above. Maybe there is a setting to turn it off that I have missed? I completely agree, you don't want the site jumping around, but Apple and Nest do it exactly how it should be and it works really well.
  8. On the same subject, if we are looking at the header in general, another area that isn't very well thought through is the brand placement on mobile. On a small device, the branding suddenly jumps down onto a second level which is a very weird spot for it. Again, I have never seen that on any other site. IPS kind of get away with it with a nice compact logo but if you had a square or portrait logo, it will kill your mobile experience instantly. Really there are only 2 options. Centre logo at the top and run everything else below. Keep logo to the left, and have your nav t
  9. I think you have answered your own question. The current solution isn't flexible enough and only works if every nav item has a drop-down which is never going to be the case and would be very worrying if it was - those days of massive sitemaps and large numbers of nav items are long gone (due to mobile). Secondary nav will of course be required from time to time but it's crazy to have a permanent area that just sits blank if it is not in use - it's valuable screen real estate up there and shouldn't be wasted. I would just have a standard drop-down overlay like 99% of all other sites. As so
  10. I really appreciate the hard work that IPS are doing to transition through the gears with frequent releases. However, the changes to the navigation structure have not been very well thought through and like a lot of the IPS updates, the UX and design is very much a desktop first approach as opposed to mobile. It's beginning to look very dated already. With over 50% of traffic on mobile, it really needs to be the other way round. Nowadays, it's all about simplification rather than adding every bell and whistle under the sun and making the system so complicated that it turns off our co
  11. I completely agree, we get feedback on this from our community all the time. The community has no idea what the error message means and neither does admin to help troubleshoot.
  12. IP4 is a huge improvement on IP3 and the move to a responsive grid has a big part to do with that and I am a huge fan of this decision. It's been a massive rebuild and a lot of time and effort has clearly gone into it - thank you for all your hard work as you have done a fantastic job. At the moment, I believe that IP4 it is the best software for desktop but not mobile. It's a real challenge to successfully execute a responsive solution for a platform that by it's very nature is complicated and houses a lot of content. I'd love to see IPS take a 'mobile-first' approach to the UX and
  13. I know! I should have explained better. With this forum, you can't set privacy as they have turned it off so the screenshot is just to explain where the bug is happening. If this image was part of a private or member-invite album, it would be shown as the gallery category placeholder that is visible to all members which is a huge breach of privacy.
  14. The image that is used for an album category is pulled in from the latest gallery upload. However, an image that is part of a private album is still shown which is clearly a pretty serious breach of privacy. The result is that a private image becomes the face of the entire gallery category until someone else uploads something different. I've attached an example from this forum. Any ideas on the best way to resolve this? Thanks, Si
  15. Due to a few bugs reported from our community that are due to old devices and browsers, it would be super useful if Invision could publish a minimum set of device/browser requirements for IP4 so that we can let our community know - it would also speed up a lot of the troubleshooting. If this has already been done, where could I find it?
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