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Pages: Force Record Sorting for Everyone?


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In Database options, there's a setting to sort records. Below shows the sort default "Record ID".


I created a custom field that I use to sort records.

When I change the sorting to my custom field, the sorting does not update on the website. However, the records sort correctly in the ACP.

I want all members to see the same sorting, so I removed the Sort by button on the website.

What can I do to force the record sorting so all members see the records in the same order?

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Should be possible the way you describe it. You can add your own sorting field and use it in the database settings. That should make it the default for all listing views of all users. (Except the front page, which has its own sort settings.) 

Hard to say why it wouldn’t work for you. Maybe open a ticket so someone can check it out on the front and back end?

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Thank you for the suggestion. Maybe I'll need to open a ticket.

The custom field is numerical. I created another custom field to test with but there is no change either.

Odd thing is that the custom field with the numerical value worked before, now it does not. It ignores my setting completely.

When I changed the value to text, sorting the records by letters instead of numbers, it works.

At least for the time being sorting by letters is working. It is strange.

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