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Dashboard's Users By App Pie Chart


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I use the Pages, Blogs, and Forums apps. My dashboard's Users By App pie chart shows me usage by those apps, but it also includes something called "System." There is not an explanation of what "System" means, but my guess is that this must represent usage of certain background processes, which really don't matter much to a site owner like me. Knowing the System usage, in comparison to my apps, throws off my stats so that I can't really tell what the ACTUAL percentages are for my ACTUAL site's apps. I really just want to see the correct app usage here in this pie chart. Is there a way to remove "System" from this chart?

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20 hours ago, sadams101 said:

Would you happen to know which file, and the necessary edits?

No time for a plugin (doesn't even tried) so here goes a file edit. Open applications/core/extensions/core/Dashboard/OnlineUsers.php and find:

			/* Only show if the application is still installed and enabled */
			if( !\IPS\Application::appIsEnabled( $app ) )

Change to:

			/* Only show if the application is still installed and enabled */
			if( !\IPS\Application::appIsEnabled( $app ) OR $app == 'core' )

Save and reupload the file. Then you go from:




It will REMOVE users online in any module from System from the chart.

You should try to get someone to make a plugin to you, as file edit isn't recommended: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/forum/506-customization-requests/

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