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Can someone help me to remove the forum description


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Hey. I'm terrible with cSS or html.

In one of my communities I need to hide the forum description text. I'm not talking about the main page with categories etc, but the forum page, for example this one:

So this text would not be visible.


Unofficial Support
Please note that this forum is not regularly staffed by IPS agents and is provided to allow clients to assist other clients with questions and issues that may fall outside of the scope of IPS standard support. 

If you would like to obtain direct and official support from IPS, please visit the client area


Can I use CSS to hide this ? or I have to modify the template. If so,  can someone help me to know what lines of code to remove ?  ?? ( I'm using the standard template )

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2 hours ago, GlenP said:

Simply edit the forum description in ACP - Apps - Forums and select the forum and delete anything in the description field.

They want it displayed on the forum list though.

@gabs007, can you inspect the element itself and see what classes are assigned? One should be something like f_desc or just desc. I'm mobile and can't inspect from here at the moment, but will take a look later if no one else answers.

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Thanks everybody. It worked with the CSS.

Just as a side note, the reason why I needed that description gone is because I added pictures to use on the forum description. I wanted to show those pics on the forum main page, but not for each section in particular, it makes the header section too big.

Thank you !! ??

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