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Error 1S267/1


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Issue persists. 

I do believe it is a cookie handling issue as I remember having this issue when setting up a test site. It wouldnt login until i changed the URL for cookie handling. However, there is no where in the new IPB 4 to configure that. This seems to have started after we implemented SSL. However, even trying to revert back to pre-SSL configuration, the issue persists. 

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Feel free to submit a ticket for technical support.

Some things you can check:

  • If you have a constants.php file in your root directory, make sure it doesn't have any cookie-related configuration options defined (or make sure they're correct)
  • Check for any .htaccess files you may have in place (if using Apache) and look for any code in there that may be causing problems
  • If you are running suhosin, try disabling it temporarily
  • If you are running mod_security, try disabling it temporarily
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