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  1. I did it! Thank you! Did you guys move everything over to s3, even the css files? I didn't know all the images would disapper while they are being moved is that normal?
  2. Thank you I will adjust the bucket. What happens if I decide not to use s3? Does the system move files back when I change the settings in Invision or is there a option in s3 to download all files?
  3. I'm desperate for some help. For the life of me, I can't get Amazon s3 to connect with my site. I get error 403. I looked it up and the error has to do with the access key. I copied and pasted the keys so I don't know what is going. I watched the video from the guides, that is tuff to follow since Amazon seems to have changed things around a bit.
  4. Actually, the Gallery hasn't been used since 2017. If I uninstall the gallery will it delete all images as well. Thank you
  5. So you can't bulk delete albums? Under members album category. You have to go into each album and delete from there? I have a bunch of albums from years ago I like to remove.
  6. Is there a quicker way to remove photos from the gallery? I can't find a way. The gallery doesn't seem to delete the same way as the content does if you want to delete in bulk.
  7. Open a support ticket with your host and tell them mod sec is stopping you from saving a template. They will need your ip address so they can whitelist it.
  8. They probably removed the backup from the admin cp because php isn't a reliable way for making database backups as they fail. The best way is through SSH. I know years ago phpmyadmin wasn't reliable for making a database backup. Has phpmyadmin improved upon this?
  9. Sounds like Modsecurity is keeping you from saving the template.
  10. Thanks for bringing this up, I forgot all about changing the limit. I haven't tried it,
  11. I had SPF records set, but I didn't have DKIM set. I set DKIM and DMARC even though my host says that it isn't needed. The problem I found was, my IP was blocked. You have to look at the error message for each email that was rejected, and this can be done in Cpanel. In with the error message, there will be a link to go about having your email unblocked or may give a different error message. If you want to check your status with outlook sign up here, https://postmaster.live.com/snds and enter your IP. If your IP shows blocked, goto this page, https://postmaster.live.com/pm/troubleshooting.aspx Scroll down to Sender services click on contact support, kind of hidden. Fill the form out, then wait. All these companies have a form you can fill out, but you have to start by looking at what the error message is.
  12. Oh sorry. Having two separate comments for the same topic doesn't make sense to me.
  13. So essentially you have two different discussions for the same topic? Doesn't make sense to me to have it this way. What is the best way to set this up then?
  14. Do the comments from pages link with the comments from the forum? I'm noticing when a comment is made for an article it doesn't show in the forum and comments made in the forum doen't show under article comments.
  15. Today I signed up for send grind. I noticed emails going to Hotmail and earth link to name a couple was blocked. I might as well use the mail server that is with my hosting account. Anyone else run into this problem. According to mxtoolbox, everything looks good. What are you using to send mail?
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