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Editor and things I don't like


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There are some misbehavior in the editor I don't understand or I'm to stupid to use this functionality in the right way.

For example, if I want to mention a username, I copy the name and paste it after @ into the editor. Result: @Ramsesx 

Or if I want to add a link to a written text, I select the text in the editor and press the link button. Doesn't work this way.. it works in vB, Xenforo and wordpress.

But if I use it the "ipb way", press the add link button, fill out the url and the text, sometimes it works most times not. It doesn't work means: I press the "insert into post" button and nothing happens.

Similar behavior occurs when trying to format text, select it first, press bold, italic or underline or whatever, result: sometimes it works, most times not. 

Next, if I want to insert a text I copied before and move the mouse into the editor it show a tooltip: "Enter your text, hold ctrl and right click for more options" 

Doing this, it shows two options, if I select "paste without formatting", nothing happens. The text keeps its format.

Maybe the editor doesn't work well on my browser? Using Vivaldi, but because it uses chrome under the hood, this should be not the problem? So the problem is me? :wub:

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3 hours ago, bfarber said:

You should be able to select text and link it or format it. I would recommend testing in a mainstream browser and seeing if you still experience the same problems or not.

Testiing on firefox and Chrome and yes this works now for the most points I mentioned above  .. (formatting and url pasting) @bfarber  Only bad, Vivaldi is my main browser.

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