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Notifications for Everything - Even Unfollowed Content?


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So, if this is simply me misunderstanding the settings, please feel free to correct me. I am new to admin-ing IPB 4.2 and it is entirely possible I'm missing something obvious.

My situation:
I have a large and thriving community, its going great, and users love the new forum vs the old one. This thing is great.

BUT! I have a large (around 100) group of users from an earlier community that still use a listserv, which if anyone doesnt know is an ancient email communication system. We hope to retire this listserv and move everyone to the new forums. My main issue is that the listserv members want emails for EVERYTHING that occurs in their area, by default. So I was thinking of loading them all into a Club, but I cant find options for replies to posts in clubs or new threads in clubs to send members of that club a notification. In effect, they want to NOT have to use the forum directly (picture me throwing objects through windows at hearing this plan) and just read emails, clicking on a forum link in one of these emails only when they deign to reply to a conversation directly.

Even if I toss the idea of clubs out entirely for the time being and just make them a member group, how can i set it up so that they will be emailed not only about new threads, but also EACH individual reply to a thread, even if they have never read the thread, replied to it, or followed it automatically or manually?

Failing that, is there a way I can push the following of certain subforums to an entire member group?

Thank you!

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The follow system is explicit, meaning the user would need to explicitly go and click the follow button to receive email alerts on a forum, topic or any content item. Unfortunately, this is the only system within the default software that will send an email when activity happens for a regular user.

If these users want everything within selected areas of your community, you may want to look up setting up an RSS feed for them via your ACP. Then use a third party service (like this one from MailChimp) to email the RSS feed.

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