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  1. Apologies if this was answered before or is common knowledge, but can this plugin be set such that only Moderators and Admins can see it? Or by Member Group?
  2. Apologies if this has already been answered, I did a bit of searching but didnt find it: Will this app allow me to remove the "Members" tab from the Club navigation? or if not remove it, resort it to the very end of the list? I see there is a screenshow of resorting some of the club content in the bar but it didnt seem to list Home or Member so I wasnt sure if those locations were locked in or not.
  3. Prior to 4.3, the search bar defaulted to relatively intelligent defaults, it searched a post you were viewing, or articles if you were looking at the article database, but now it always defaults to EVERYTHING, so users have to click 2 extra times, each time they search, to narrow things down. Compounding this, the user's preferences can't be saved so that searching in the article areas always searches only for articles, etc. I understand the idea was that you would get more results by defaulting the search to everywhere, all the time, but now my users get loads of calendar events stacked on top of things if they don't customize their search each time they perform one, so they're mad as one would expect. Unfortunately, there is no option to control this. A default setting in the platform was changed, but as far as I can see, NO method of reverting to the previous functionality was left in. I'm sure that filing this as a bug would just bounce back as Works as Designed, so I'll just request the ability to set the default search per-page or at the very least, remember the users last search preference for a given area.
  4. Is there a way to control the search scope per page again? We have Articles set up as a knowledgebase and then the rest of the community as a forum, so when a user is on an Articles page, they would always want the scope to be Articles, and everywhere else the scope could be global. If this is already available somewhere and I simply missed it, apologies.
  5. I didn't intend to customize it at all, almost all my changes were in custom.css, but the Revert button was indeed active for Global.css and reverting them altered none of my other changes, but fixed the search issue, so I assume me and my fists of ham changed something there I hadn't meant to!
  6. Misunderstood your first post. Reverting the global.css alone corrected the issue entirely, thank you!
  7. Well yeah the sledgehammer approach is always there and I'll keep it for dead last since its a lot of time to sink for a .X update, but is anyone aware of a surgical fix or at least a direction I could be poking at?
  8. I am certain this is a misconfiguration on my part, as this issue does NOT happen with the Default theme template in 4.3. However, I made customizations to the default theme from 4.2.7 and as of the update to 4.3, my search fields all appear this way: with the search options, sans their background, constantly popped out. This happens on both my customized Dark and Light themes, but again does not occur on the included default, so I assume the mistake is mine. Has anyone seen this before? Do i have something in elSearchWrapper or elSearch toggled incorrectly?
  9. Does this plugin work with 4.2.7? I thought the issue might be with my modified theme, but even testing it on default, blacklisted forums and subforums still show the post highlighting.
    Fantastic plugin, and the developer of it was courteous and fast in ironing out a small configuration issue on my end. Highly recommended!
  10. Hadn't seen this one! Exactly what I needed, Category will work just fine. Thank you!
  11. Hello all! I've been searching around a bit, but can't seem to find a way to view statistics per category or per forum/subforum. The statistics and graphs built in to 4.2.7 otherwise work just fine for me, I just want to be able to filter certain items from its count to check only the Wishlist subforum activity for instance. I am fairly sure this can't be done out of the box but if anyone knows of a plugin or other extension that will allow something like this, I would be most grateful for a link. Thank you!
  12. Very clever workaround! However it falls short in my weird case as there are other Question subforums where "Ask a Question" would need to be left alone as it is already correct. Is it possible to apply a translation only to a specific subforum? that may let me get away with the above trick. I took a look at the forum settings but havent found anything.
  13. Apologies I was vague, I didn't mean how to switch the type of forum, but how to edit the text of that button. For instance, I use a Questions type forum as a wishlist, so Id like the button to read "Make a Wish" rather than "Ask a Question" but still keep the forum the Questions type.
  14. I would also love to know the answer to this, if you found it @Wezley, Thank you!
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