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How to edit Javascript


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1 hour ago, Daniel F said:

Please don't do this:) Editing only the table won't be enough, you'll also need to edit the xml files and also rebuild the automatically created js files, but as I said, PLEASE don't do this;)
Could you explain what you're trying to achieve?


I am trying to make my theme a little bit smoother, I mean adding animations etc. Ill try to find other way, messing with database is not always a great idea. Topic can be closed.

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You can edit a template OR build a plugin to create a mixin for controllers (I don't know if is possible extend a "module" as for controller) into this way you can manage/override animation.

mixin guides:


For your specific needs I suggest to create a js controller and add data-controllers="myCustomMenu" into the elements menu you would change (data-ipsMenu) and listen events emitted by ips.ui.menu (menuOpened, menuClosed and menuItemSelected).

I don't know now how the ips.ui.menu events are emitted but this is a good start for who would try to manage itself :thumbsup:

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