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A way to filter NSFW/adult content?


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Hi there - am quite new to IPS.. :)

I am going to allow members in my community to post adult content in clubs (marked as Secret, invite only) which is great.

But I'd also like to add a way to filter NSFW content in the main forums - does anyone knows of any of the below is possible?

  • Allow a thread creator to mark it as NSFW so visitors need to dismiss an overlay that contains a warning before they can view it (with an option in profile settings to override all future NSFW warnings) 
  • Or a way to add a custom spoiler style tag in the editor so posters can wrap NSFW images/content, forcing visitors to expose it by clicking on it (with an option in profile settings to automatically expose NSFW content wrapped with this tag)

Ideally all NSFW (most of it is borderline but not all visitors want to be exposed to it) content would also be hidden from all activity streams too unless they allow it in their profile settings.

Maybe a tall order but just trying to see if anyone has achieved anything similar.


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Keep in mind using Spoilers for NSFW content does NOT prevent the content from being downloaded into the user's browser cache - if there is a thread that has NSFW content in a spoiler tag, the hidden image still gets onto the user's machine, whether they click the spoiler tag or not. All the tag is doing is "hiding" the image/content until it is clicked on.

A better solution would be to have an addon that loads the content when the spoiler tag is clicked.

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I have 2 adult communities and I use this widget.

To begin with, saying that community is adult and either they leave or stay. Also before 4.1, when using 3.7 I added a forum with some porn content, and I also added this widget screen to reinforce that not only this is an adult community, but following content could also be offensive.
It always worked and I'm very happy.

Edit to add: I don't hide or filter content. I prefer to warn users 





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