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Fierce God

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An idea for IPS or a regular Dev 

It would be nice to see a plugin that is just polls, with all the options, 

I don't use forums on my server, and i would like to still use Polls, someone could make an app or plugin that is just polls, without having to use forums, but with all poll functions and options.

or if there's an app or plugin already out, can someone point me in that direction 

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I have stopped it for a important bug, when 4.2 is released I will complete it.

The app use inbuilt poll feature, there is a poll list page with relevant filter, a widget that extend default existing, embeddable poll on comments/reviews, I must test for 4.2 changes and improve performance.

I todo a url scheme for polls if it is not inside a item like topic, article, blog if I don't mistake and extend the search system.

For future I add also the feature to link/unlink or convert a poll into a item ?

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