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1 database, 2 url, two themes possible ?

Saurabh Jain

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What I want

Url 1 to  access normally

Url 2 - I will call in mobile app .. no one knows abt tis url    - it may be a short url and this will be used for web view in mobile phone...


There will be two different themes -   one with ads  and one without ads 

I do not want to show ads when called from mobile app

Rest when it open in mobile browser or desktop it will be url 1 with ads

and in url 2 it will be without ads in mobile app

(adsense are not allowed in mobile app )


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I dont think you are allowed to have a single IPB install on 2 urls in the license. You could force a theme based on the apps user agent but that would require creating a hook then it would be on 1 url.

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You should be able to set the user agent in your mobile app. I have not coded in mobile apps for a while but I very sure it can be done.

Then you have to write a hook to force the theme which will also require some research.

I just know you cant have 1 install on 2 urls as per the license. It may be possible to write your own site and access your install via api but that wont have the theming stuff you want.

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