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Login no longer works in customWrapper


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I'm hoping to go live with my site tomorrow and I've just noticed a pretty big problem: people won't be able to log in.

The root of my site is a Pages page, just like IPS has here. It has a customWrapper rather than the default template because, like with IPS's front page, I want to have coloured sections spanning side to side.

My customWrapper is identical to the globalTemplate, except that I have removed the div ipsLayout_mainArea. That's the container within which everything else on the page sits. Otherwise, there's no difference; I copied and pasted globalTemplate into customWrapper and made that small amendment.

I don't think this has been a problem until recently -- it's the sort of thing I would think I'd have noticed. I set up 2FA yesterday and I wonder whether that might be at fault. I can still log in on all the regular pages, just not this one. Unfortunately, this is the first one that people will see.

Does anybody have any idea what might have happened? I can pay for assistance, if that helps you come up with a solution!

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So ... everything works as it should if I have the two-factor authentication switched off.

Can anybody think what the cause might be and how to handle it? I don't want to leave my site without 2FA but I need to go live with it tomorrow in time for our conference so may well have to do that.

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