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help with roundcube

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I have a server running vesta cp which has a roundcube web mail application included.

It was working fine but now it's not all of a sudden. I think Dovecot is messed up.

I get Connection to storage server failed.  when trying to log in.

Anyone willing to try and help me out?

Thank you in advance.



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8 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

First hit on a Google search:


This issue would probably be better fired at your host for assistance.

I am the host. I have been running own server with help. However, both I and other person are confused. We looked at all Google searches we  could find but were unable to fix.

Now I am reaching out for additional help because I am out of options.

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Just now, superj707 said:

That's me! LOL, I can't fix it that is why I am reaching out for help from someone smarter and more experienced than me.

Ah, Sorry. I didn't realise yourself hosted.

Have you tried a site like Web Hosting Talk? It's a good place to get information and help of this nature. That said there are several members here who may be able to help, but you may just be best going to ask there.

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