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CKEditor Customization [Font & Color]

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Hello everyone!

So I recently updated from IPS 3 to 4 and am attempted to do two things that I had previously done in IPS 3. 

  1. Add new fonts to the font dropdown on the editor.
  2. Add customized colors to the default color picker on the editor.

Both of these things are relatively easy changes to CKEditor that can be found in their documentation here and here.

My trouble comes next. Once I create the .zip to upload to the CKEditor "Add Button" area, I get the error that the button already exists (they both come with the default IPS). Is there any way to do any of the following things...

  1. Force an overwrite the existing buttons?
  2. Remove an existing button so that a new one can be uploaded?
  3. Edit the existing button .js file to add the code that I need?
  4. Another way to solve this problem outside of the box that I'm currently thinking in.

Thanks in advance!

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1) Upload, via ftp, the 'new' plugin to the location of the existing plugin (applications\core\interface\ckeditor\ckeditor\plugins)

3) You can edit the code of the existing at the above location.

4) Add the config items to the config.js file stored in applications\core\interface\ckeditor\ckeditor


All 3 of the above are prone to being overwritten during an IPS4 upgrade, especially if that upgrade also includes a ckeditor update

I've not tested the above items specifically with regards to the font name and font color plugins, so please perform a test of your own before trying on your live site.

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