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Captcha on Login Form


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5 hours ago, sweethoney said:

how do i get this to work i installed it and it dont work

Are you using the IPS captcha?  

(Located at AP > Members > Member Settings - Spam Prevention > CAPTCHA tab)

If so, you just need to input your Site Key and Secret Key.  


Or are you using a third-party captcha service?  

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On 1/25/2017 at 0:57 AM, Adriano Faria said:

It always worked for me, since the day I developed this plugin:


Not sure why it doesn't work for some.

Bro, it does show the captcha, I am having Recaptcha 2 and using Titanium Theme.

Recapthca 2 gets verified and while trying to click on Sign In Button it dont even respond in the Popup login Form. However, it does work with the normal login form.


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17 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Oh no, just tried. The LOGIN button doesn't work. Probably a incompatibility with the JS from the recaptacha, not sure.

Exactly thats the issue I was Tryna say. Can you help us on this issue mate @Edward Shephard

EDIT: Just now tried with KeyCapthca, It's wokring with Popup Login Form, The Recaptcha 1 and 2 is not working with the PopUp login.

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Not yet.  The plugin itself is just elegant simplicity, adding one standard form helper element to the login form.  I've even tried adding the form element directly in to the class methospd and it still doesn't work.  So the standard IPS captcha form helper won't play nicely with the standard IPS popup form.

interstingly if you lookin the IPS captcha js file from Rikki it notes that the standard google js doesn't meet coding standards and you have to use the IPS js ui widget to get around this, specifically if you want to use captcha in a popup form.  That would be okay if the form came from a template, but this one comes from a class method and at the moment I can't quite see if or how I can add a js ui widget into a method.  I have asked in the developer forum if anyone else has done this but it may be that it is simply a limitation created by both systems that we can't get around.

You'll just have to leave it with me.

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