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OK.. I have a forum.  3.8.XXX  I have not upgraded to 4 because I am pond scum.  Alge have more knowledge on how to run this than I.  So that I am very clear I know nothing. 

But..  Is there a way someone could text something to a category or forum or post or something where the system repeats that text to any whom have signed up.  Kind of like the follow feature does with email.

Thank you for any imput.  Please explain like your talking to a user not a developer.


Jeff, Hack and Paste Thompson.



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I've written plugins (for 4.x) that integrate with Twilio, which has an SMS API. Their API is simple to work with if you use their SDK.

That said, this isn't something a non-developer can really implement. You will need PHP code written that will interact with an SMS API of some sort, generally speaking. I'm not really sure how you're wanting this to work (text something to a category which then repeats the text to any who have signed up? I gather you want people to 'follow' an area and then if someone text messages that area, that text message is then forwarded to all the people that followed that area), but I can't think of any way you could do this without sitting down and writing PHP code to do it.

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