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How To Moderate Private Messages?


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1 hour ago, Apfelstrudel said:

Sorry, but this is an absolutely NO-GO for a professional community.

That makes no sense, as spammers and competitors can easily poison or hijack your entire community through the PM system if left unmonitored.

Is this feature seriously unavailable?

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Morpheo, this is a very bad idea. If your community discovers that you're monitoring their private messages, you're going to run into problems with your community that involve invasion of privacy. I've been running an anime community since 2004 and while I don't have a problem with moderating forum posts, spying on the private messages that take place between my members is a definite no-no. If you do this, don't surprise when your community finds out what you're doing. Even though you may own your site and your community, you're still bound by the laws of the country you're operating from.

When it comes to my community, there are certain things I won't do to my members, simply because my community trusts that I'm not reading their private communications.

If there's spam being send through private messages, the members of my community report it to me and then the person who sent the spam gets banned from my site.

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