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  1. By default I get logged out of the AdminCP very quickly, like under 60 minutes. Where can I change this time in the settings?
  2. After upgrading my server's PHP version, some settings changed and now I get logged out of AdminCP very quickly, like within 60 minutes. It used to keep me logged in for days. Can you tell me which PHP setting I need to change to increase the session length? The odd thing is, when logging into the forum (not the AdminCP specifically) I'm kept logged in for days without a problem. So there seem to be two different settings for this.
  3. After the forum's cache was cleared using the Support feature via the AdminCP, the entire forum broke and even the AdminCP area. Here's the only page that shows: Any ideas what I should do next?
  4. So I already have a pretty large forum going, and my uploads folders has ballooned to over 18 Gigabytes! This is creating problems on the server with daily backups. Can I move the uploads folder elsewhere on my server, outside the /forum/ directory? If so, how? And can I do this without breaking all the existing images and uploads that my users have made? Thanks!
  5. That makes no sense, as spammers and competitors can easily poison or hijack your entire community through the PM system if left unmonitored. Is this feature seriously unavailable?
  6. How do I view the private messages that my forum users are sending each other? I want to check them for spam. Is such a feature in the Admin CP?
  7. Okay, using the search function worked. Turns out I had another Mod account with that email.
  8. I am referring to receiving emails like this: "XXXXXXX has reported something" These emails are being sent to a different email address than the one that I have set for my main Admin account. It seems like the system is using an old email address which I no longer use anywhere. But I am unable to change it in the system. Yes, I'm using v4.1
  9. When users use the "report" function on the forum, the admin gets sent an email notification. But I don't see where this email address is set in the settings. Can someone please tell me how to change that email? It seems different from the main admin email.
  10. I had to reset the forum cache after changing the conf_global.php file. Until then, not all the links were updated to HTTPS, but now it looks like all of them are good. Thanks!
  11. I'm moving my entire site over to HTTPS. Everything else is staying the same. Like this: http://www.example.com/forum/ To: https://www.example.com/forum/ I've already changed my site. But the forum I'm not sure how to update. What changes do I need to make to be sure that pages don't break? And how do I secure all the images and scripts that the forum uses so that all the elements on the page are fully secured?
  12. I need all newly registered members to be added to a different group than the default one. Where is this setting found?
  13. How do I change the settings so that a user must have 30 posts or X amount of reputation points before they can post links?
  14. I need to issue an important announcement to all my forum users (around 3500 total). How can I email them all, or PM them all at once?
  15. I am self-hosted. If it's an problem with a plugin, how can I uninstall it manually without using the Admin CP?
  16. An odd thing happened with my forum during my vacation. I came back from vacation and now I cannot log in as Admin and many of my users are reporting that they cannot log in as well (although some still can). When I try to log in as Admin, here's the error that's given: http://screencast.com/t/OvJGwrYX The login fails and I do not have access to the Control Panel. What can I do in this case? There were no updates made during my vacation. Before my vacation, everything was working perfectly. It was only 1 week ago that things worked fine. Was I hacked?
  17. So I was upgrading my forum from v4.1.7 to the latest. The upgrade process asked me to upload files manually via FTP. I did so and triple-checked that the files were uploaded correctly. But now the upgrade screen is stuck on this step, and it won't let me continue forward: http://screencast.com/t/VQB732xj I've triple checked that the file (/home/leogurac/public_html/actualized/forum-test/system/Text/HtmlPurifierInternalLinkDef.php) has been uploaded correctly. It looks fine. But why can't I complete the upgrade process?? I'm totally stuck! What should I do now?
  18. I see a maximum characters username setting, but not a minimum.
  19. How do I limit new usernames to 4 characters minimum? How do I limit the characters allowed in a username?
    Can't believe this isn't a vanilla feature! Thanks!
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