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Spacious ACP 20.0.1 submitted!

  • Patch for retrieving Elasticsearch instance metrics and the instance returns NULL and an array is required down the line anyways.

If this does not clear up your problem @Joey_M I'll need to poke your server or get more information from you.

Installed the latest locally, tested fine with a working Elastic instance. All the err'd method does is poke your Elastic server for stats and json_decodes them. NULL is "possible" there if something is off (specifically "null is returned if the json cannot be decoded or if the encoded data is deeper than the nesting limit") so I just added some protection for that. Also this method was written with new type declarations so returning null was why the error was thrown (it's locked to array)

Still somewhat curious as to the what and why you got this error - as said, first I've seen in forevers on this.

Available when the usual suspects approve it (if $elastic == NULL, return array() is the extent of the changes)


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A few updates:

FYI to those lurking, the above stuff was resolved a long time ago via PMs.

Lots of moving parts behind the scenes these days and Invision Community 5 exists in a quasi-state of both being months and months away but also coming on a LOT faster than you realize. Many of my big things will require new purchases for a variety of reasons including but not exclusive to:

  • a somewhat new codebase
  • what may or may not be possible to do in the new version
  • and other probably secret things 

If you are punching renewals on this, thank you as always, but I'd request you actually hold off on those for now - ditto for any other apps/plugins of mine you have until the sun rises on a few things. You'll have clarity soon enough. Things change, the world ever turns, and all that, but I'm not going anywhere. 

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