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All of the members on my board are showing people signed in but there is 1 person that posts on topics which looks like he is offline or does not even show up on the online users or who was online list at all even though i know that he is online because he just posted a topic.. It's like the account is bugged or something? I can see his profile on ACP but can't find his name on the forums at all. Any help with this issue?

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17 hours ago, Jim M said:

Are they logged in as Anonymous?

No. That option is disabled in ACP.

1 hour ago, R-023 said:

I have this issue also sometimes with different users. 

My Anonymous settings are disabled. 

Last time we had this issue, Saturday with v4.1.15 

Same thing as me then. Glad I'm not the only one having this issue. There are a few mods on IPS forums that think I'm crazy or something lol.

16 hours ago, CP said:

Do you have "Traffic Generator" installed?

Nope. I even disabled all of my hooks and cleared the cache and still nothing to get this fixed.

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