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  1. Hello Slushpuppeh, does this work for IPB 4.3.5? Because when a user goes past like 35mins or so, then the user times out and does not show up on the "who's online" widget. I run my website on Apache and my PHP version is 7.0 . Is that the reason that this doesn't work? I have it set to 240 minutes.
  2. @Adriano Faria when will you update this hook so it can work with the top post action? I don't want the topics. I want the posts. like you have here
  3. wow that was fast! thank you mate!
  4. if we can make it so where it will pop up even when someone hasn't refreshed the forums would be DOPE and also have it set to what groups that you want to see it. Thank you @BomAle for the nice plug in though!
  5. @Mark is there a topic that discusses the new way that you guys store passwords on ipb 4? So i can copy and paste that information into a topic to tell my members that they are more safe from having their passwords uncracked if it ever happened to my board.
  6. @Charles any idea that this can ever be implemented into ipb board?
  7. No.. because some forum sections don't require a password and having this feature will help secure forum sections. The only forum passwords that clan's use on their IPB sites are the admin forum sections that only ranks can see. Plus there are member forum sections that guests can not see but members can, so I would like it if the security questions would work on any forums sections that we choose.
  8. @Charles for security reasons on certain forum sections that you choose. Can you make it so where when the user tries to go into a forum section, they must type in the security questions that they set. That way if a hacker logs into one of my members accounts they won't be able to access any forum sections to steal information without knowing the security questions. *Also make it work as a cache so they don't have to keep retyping their security information in everytime. that would get annoying* This would be a huge step into account security for my clan forum. We have been dealing with t
  9. Now I see this in the background? Rebuilding posts 74.02% So i guess this means that it is working or doing it?
  10. @Mike John I get this error when I try to run the application. Sorry, you do not have permission for that! 1S111/1 INVALID_PATH Any idea why?
  11. for some weird reason I don't see Leave Feedback option for a user?
  12. There is a hook missing for the version 1.4.2.. So i cat see 'Leave Feedback" on profile feeds.. help please
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