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How to add a line?


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Hi everyone,

I have a question about using the forum's WYSIWYG system. I'm new to this because my old forum was using bbcodes.

How do I draw a line in the forum post? If I don't have access to 'Source' (html) and doing <hr> ? I don't see any buttons with line drawing?

(Sorry for the stupid question)



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10 minutes ago, opentype said:

You can create a custom button, which does nothing but adding a <hr> (or any other HTML tag for that matter) in the editor settings in the ACP

Hi opentype, thanks for responding.

Do you mean through this one:? http://imgur.com/a/oooZ9

It's asking me for an icon. Must I create one?


(Edit: Didn't realise this board won't let me post images. Changed to a link)

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On 05/10/2016 at 11:21 AM, EmpireKickass said:

that's what I like about WYSIWYG that you can create any buttons you like

Same here. Gives me more control over certain types of things that can be posted on my site, whilst making it easier for my members to go through the process of creating something complex.

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