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[PAID] Custom pages and integration help


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Looking for a consultant/freelancer experienced with IP Pages to create custom pages (and templates), and to help with installing, configuring, and integrating add-ons from the Marketplace. Will pay reasonable hourly rates, or a negotiated fixed price per project if you prefer. PM me for details.


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17 hours ago, Joel R said:

2. Apps and plugins are one click install.  

You make it sound so easy :smile:.  Some might be, but configuring others seems quite a bit more complicated.  Guess I'm just offering "easy money" to someone for assistance.... but the offer stands.  I can use some help, as I try to focus on adding content back in, and dealing with all the members questions and issues.


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I have yet to get a single response from this...

How does one go about finding/hiring a consultant/freelancer with IPS v4 experience?  

With the new layout in the Marketplace, I can't find a list like I used to be able to, and Google searches hasn't turned up anything promising...

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@KentT Give a yell if you like and we'll talk. 

Otherwise, there is a list, under the resources option up top: here's the direct link:


A lot of us are usually busy enough with our own work to regularily go through this forum. I make a point from time to time but it's not on my daily rounds. Do I have room for more work? Sure, most of us do. But, many of us are also in the middle of things we are working on (plugins, apps, etc.). I've got, lets see... another four plugins sitting at 70% done... Two apps sketched out that once I start on them... bleh... Not to mention many of us have our own site/sites in play so that's a whole other pile of work...

I should subscribe to this forum to remind me to keep tabs on it.

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