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Right widget sidebar going in the bottom of forum


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i was editing some groups on my forum and then i dont know how but my right widget bar is now on the bottom of my forum and the users online had went into a list so insted of the online users list filling up the whole box it just stacks the users online



the dark boxes in the bottom is supposed to be at the right but its now in the bottom of the forum and i need help trying to put it back. Thanks all.

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4 hours ago, steve00 said:

Looks like removed the link back in the IPS Copyright ?

No i didnt remove the copyright.....

3 hours ago, Simon Woods said:

Now it looks like it is fixed. Certainly, the sidebar is where it should be.

No its still broken. I contacted IPS Support and just waiting for them to reply. 

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  • 7 months later...

I just had this problem.

It appears to be a problem with the "Members" block bugging out, it was showing a giant list of people (even though I'm one of the only handful of people online at the moment).

Once I edited the block to just show one person, then re-edited it back to 100, it cleared the problem and the sidebar was back in the right spot.




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