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No idea who to tag here, also the tags aren't working right now (and also have a recently browsing panel on this create new topic page which is really strange)

Is there a policy of on or off for this in CIC. You moved a CIC customer to a new server this afternoon. Previous server had allow_fopen on, the new server it's set to off.

Either it's just a mistake on the new build or a mistake on the old. Prefer on for simplexml_load_file purposes but would like certainty one way or the other. 


EDIT: Something up with the create/edit topic page or js, but tags do work - just don't parse while editing. That and the odd recently browsing bit at the bottom.

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Ahh, you won't find one. Doing dev work with a CIC user as a test bed. Noticed them getting moved to new CIC digs today. The new server bumped up the PHP version and along for the ride was allow_fopen off where it was on on the previous CIC server. Lost an hour of my life bug hunting why an xml file wasn't reading properly until I hit the 'Doh! moment...

Let me know if you need the customer/site name and I'll PM.

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