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Editor problem

stig olsen

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If I start a new thread it opens with two Vimeo videos in the editor. And I cant delete them. When logging in with another user the same thing happens when I open the editor. Is this a known bug? I have not upgraded to the version that came yesterday because I cant deal with any new bugs that might come with it. The problem is a mobile problem. Android.




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If it's just yourself use the source button, select all delete. 

Not sure why you wouldn't want to use the CKeditor plugin, IPS have added plugins as well. 

Members will love you for installing it. Until IPS decide to install a trash can to empty the editor it's a must use for me.

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7 hours ago, stig olsen said:

Thank you, but I dont want to use plugins.

If you use this plugin on your site, you are making the editor much easier to use for your mobile users if they need to remove some post elements they can't remove or have difficulties removing. The quote boxes for example seems to be impossible to remove when I use the default browser.on my old Samsung Galaxy II, but this plugin enables me and other users on similar devices to get rid of the boxes and other problem elements too, like video players.

There is probably another mobile browser that could do this more easily without the need to empty the editor content but I haven't tried that.


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