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Replacing the stars for new/old posts


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Is there a way to replace the stars icon on a new/old post on 4.1? I have a theme by ips focus and everytime I try to change the icon to something else, it doesn't go. Even if I stick with a font awesome icon, it won't remove the stars. Any help would be much appreciated. 

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31 minutes ago, TSP said:

What star icon do you mean exactly? An image would help.

for new posts. The unread post is a star filled in and the read post is an empty one. I would like to change it to something other than a star either from font awesome or one of my own graphics. Just having trouble locating where in css it is. 

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Okay, that's not in any theme CSS. Unless the author of your theme has made it so. Which I can't really know without access to the theme. 

The icon to display there is defined in the template. 

If you want to solve it the CSS way (I wouldn't recommend or tell you how to edit templates to achieve this), then you could try: 

.ipsDataItem .ipsItemStatus .fa-star:before {
    content: "\f0f3";

Which you add to the custom css file for your theme. If you have any questions on where best to place this, then ask your theme author.

In this case it'll be replaced by the bell-icon from font-awesome. If you look at the page I linked you can find it says "Unicode: f0f3".

You would then replace f0f3 from my CSS with the unicode value for the icon you want, you'll find all font awesome icons listed here: http://fontawesome.io/icons/

If you would want some other icon that isn't provided by font-awesome, then there might be someone else willing to help. 

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