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  1. I don't have that in mine. I just have widget title bar background. All the colors in that section are darker colors, no orange at all
  2. Where do I go to change this color? I don't see it in the edit section of the theme is it in html or css?
  3. Where do I go to change the background? I would like to have it as a gradient color. I know your old theme it had a box where you could put the code in for it. Also, where do I go to change these icons?
  4. I don't get how to install this into my old theme to update it since it's not compatible with ips 4.5.
    Loved this theme. What was even better was the help Taman gave me to get my site the way I wanted. I highly recommend any product of his
  5. Is there an easy app of a general guideline for finding where to change colors or what not in CSS? I have some colors that I want to change but I have no clue where to look to change them. I have the css app extension on google, but that is hit or miss. Not sure if anyone has a better tool or general tidbit?
  6. Where do I go to change this from white to another color?
  7. Thats what it was, custom theme was outdated
  8. Having the same issue, can't find how to turn like system on ever since I downloaded the new 4.23 version. Actually messed up my layout too on my forum
  9. So I followed the instructions in the news section on putting twitter on my forum. When I put it on though the twitter feed goes all the way to the bottom. I would like to get it as it's show on here by a small box with a scroll bar to view older tweets. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I installed the twitter feed, but how do you make it so the tweets don't take up the whole page? I would like it so it loads like 3 or 4 then you have the scroll bar to view more like it's set up on your page?
  11. for new posts. The unread post is a star filled in and the read post is an empty one. I would like to change it to something other than a star either from font awesome or one of my own graphics. Just having trouble locating where in css it is.
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