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Can´t download language strings


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Hello, when I tried to download english.xml language, the archive only content:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<language name="English (USA)" rtl="0">
 <app key="core" version="101040">
  <word key="stream_title_1" js="0">Unread Content</word>
  <word key="yesterday" js="0">Ayer</word>
 <app key="forums" version="101040"/>
 <app key="chat" version="101040"/>
 <app key="calendar" version="101040"/>
 <app key="collections" version="100015"/>

If I return the translation to the original strings I obtain this message

1C126/7 As there are no translated language keys, there is nothing to download.

Whit other languages, the xml file have all the strings.

Is this problem problem related to that?

Is the problem fixed?

Many thanks.

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It's working as intended, @pequeno. The system is designed to allow us to download only the customised language strings. That means the strings in the English XML that we have translated from the default. Since every installation comes with English anyway, we'll never need to download the entire language pack, only the customisations.

If you check with the second language on your site, all of that will come down when you download it.

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