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Support for SparkPost dedicated IP address

Gabriel Torres

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I requested a dedicated IP address with SparkPost, as the IP addresses they use are frequently added to blacklists such as SORBS.net, and out install ends up not being able to send emails to some domains, in particular hotmail.com, which checks the database at SORBS.net.

However, I've just learned that we are still not using this feature, as all API requests must include the ID of our "private IP pool". The instruction they sent me are below, it seems pretty straight-forward, but this requires you to add a field in the SparkPost configuration for us to enter the ID of our private IP pool, and this ID to be added to the API requests.


Even if you have a dedicated IP, you will need to specify the IP pool you want to use in your transmission. For detailed information, please see: https://support.sparkpost.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2002977-dedicated-ip-addresses
There is an example of how to specify that open for both SMTP and REST injection. For further information, please see:https://developers.sparkpost.com/api/?_ga=1.191445354.1579827157.1464129962#/reference/transmissions/documentation?console=1

I sent this message to the support department, and they said they won't support this.

So, I leave as a feedback for you to include this support in the future.


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