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How to download forum posts?

Dev Anthony

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Good morning!

I'm an admin for a non-profit that has maintained an Invision forum since 2007.  Traffic has peaked and dipped over the years, leaving us with over 680,000 posts floating around.  With text and images combined, our total data consumption as of today sits at a hair over 3TB.  Up to now, we've been hosted on the servers of a profitable company that has been behind our cause.  Sadly, they're unable to support us in this way going forward, and the hosting plans within our budget won't allow storage of anywhere near that amount of data.

We've accepted that we'll have to do a fresh install sans posts, but I'd like to keep the text of our previous posts in a searchable file hosted elsewhere.  We've had a lot of good news and advice shared over the years, and it would be a shame to lose it entirely.  I'm not able to find an export option within the admin control panel.  I've tried to scrape the text using a number of different tools, only to consistently find that a full scrape will take somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 days.  (I suspect the scrape tools are snagging images also, as I wasn't able to specifically tell them not to.)  I did manage to export date, member name, and post content from the database, but the date is formatted incorrectly and the text is broken up beyond repair.

I'm not sure where to go from here.  If anyone can point me to a resource that will help me fish out the text and keep some semblance of recognizable formatting, I'll be very grateful!



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The posts data is stored your database and shouldn't be too much space with that amount of posts. Likely your images are what's causing such a huge file storage on your server. If space is what is causing your thinking to delete the whole community, you could just remove the attachments and move forward with all posts in "archive mode."

Otherwise, you could extract the data from the database to whatever you wish.

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