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It would be cool, if providers could buy a subscription in commerce store for being listed... Depending on the specialization, there could different subscriptions be required.

Another great idea for such a provider page, could be a central get-in-contact feature, f.e. if a customer presses the "contact provider xy for service request now", then the administration will also be informed about this request via email or PM, so we could see, who has the most interactions between provider and customers...

Maybe, also, a get-in-contact form could be considered. It just needs some advantages, so customers don't contact the providers directly via PM... F.e. letting the customers put in sorted information like wished date for the service, a price proposal, an extra supervision fee (so administration can refund if customer is not satisfied), the possibility to publish a review only, if bought via the central form and more....

My main goal is: I want to stop members from doing deals without our knowledge and without paying a basic commission to us for those commercial interactions.

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