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Pages not formatted after upgrade to 4.1.9


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Support may be real slow on the weekend can't blame them life does come before these forums, so I thought I would post here. I upgraded this morning to 4.1.9 from 3.4.8 and the index and ACP look like the picture attached here.

The test site upgraded fine yesterday and I worked with it all day.

I did the exact same thing this morning and the upgrade ran with no errors and the database converted. When I clicked the "Go to Suite" I was presented with this problem. Like they say, "The best laid plans..."

Anyone that could point me in the right direction to fix it would be appreciated. Maybe just reuploading the files and running the upgrade again?



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Thanks Daniel, someone is working on it now. I am uploading some requested information to him. I can't say enough good about you guys being here for us on the weekend. I was prepared to have to wait awhile as I know we all have lives other than forums. Thanks again to you and the gentleman that is working on the ticket.


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