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(NB40) Contact Form. Reorder Fields

newbie LAC

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Just now, Gravi5tar said:


Looks like I'm the first to try this :smile:, issues....

The fields, Your Name, Email Address and Security Check don't show up.  Only the message and the normal message editor are displayed!  I've tested on the default theme.  What am I doing wrong?


All fields are displayed only for guests. For members "Your message" only. It's standard.

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12 minutes ago, newbie LAC said:

From application description




I wouldn’t have asked otherwise, but judging by the comments posted it sounded plausible and I would have bought it as I no longer use the inbuilt method.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

PS. I realise this was built for the fields that ship with IPS, but, I wasn’t sure if you had added support.

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