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  1. Last year following lots of Downloads App bugs and problems configuring servers for larger 250mb+ files, it was concluded by the staff here that there needed to be some re-coding/re-write so that Downloads worked more efficiently from the server pov when processing uploads/downloads. Atm large amounts of server memory (1GB for 200mb and this rises considerably over this) are needed for larger files and also some quite tricky configuration. Has this been addressed since then or is it still on the to-do list?
  2. Me too, I'll be able to make a club as a support group for members who can't find the Downloads cart and they'll be able to make 'nuanced' smiley faced replies while reorganising the forum into grid, list or topic view. The best bit is they'll have to complete their profile while enjoying leaderboard enhancements as I try to think of a reply that doesn't sound like it's never going to happen....note: you may need to expand on the 'reaction' icons.
  3. I heard you the first time. Again, I heard you last time but it's clearly more than reasonable after past experience. It was appauling, what real online business can survive a quarter of the year with the tills closed. There is no defence or justification for that. Years of development work and expense were invested and that's why you can't just swap and change platforms as easily as your smiley face suggests....or was that just a 'bugger off if you don't like it'. The trust and confidence in a product just goes so we immediately started the process of transfer to a new platform, not easy or fast with over 140k Downloads etc but we're getting there. We did this more as a backup in case of downtime but it's working out so we may close the IPS version completely so we don't have another train wreck experience.
  4. That is a happy thought... and likely the case if we experience anything close to last year again. Good to hear your take on it but no, it's clearly reasonable from my site perspective..and I was being polite. Good luck with your site.
  5. It's good to hear you're happy but clearly and not unreasonably I'm not and don't wish to accept or repeat the experience.
  6. I do hope there is a more rigorous quality control in place now for these updates than what we experienced last year when you broke Purchase transactions and it went undetected for four months, crippling our business badly. Bragging about only showing off new features when they're ready needs to have more substance than just turning off the bug tracker to save your blushes, the very thing that caught the last issue. We also had other major problems layered on top at the time, broken Maxmind fraud checks, broken Support Request system, broken Downloads etc, it was a nightmare. They were mostly fixed in the end but at great cost so I can't say I'm going 'yay' at this announcement. At least extend the Commerce cart to Downloads so it feels like there is some progress after four years and the in-between was just a 'vapourware' bad dream.
  7. Not "End of Line", more like full circle. Downloads needs a cart.
  8. Thanks, but staying in context Downloads uses Nexus but not Nexus store unless you associate every download with an admin created nexus product, the only way to use a cart I think, unless I've missed something. It should be natural for paid Downloads to also have a cart if it's already using Nexus for payments etc. The IPS marketplace here doesn't appear to use a cart, correct? If you want to purchase 5 or 10 downloads files from this site or mine the customer has to checkout 5 or 10 times, it's not good. I would suggest a plugin or better still, IPS extend the cart to downloads.
  9. The marketplace here doesn't use nexus, just downloads, no cart.
  10. If your site only sells downloads made by admin, your logic is fine. But downloads allows multiple members to upload to the site. This is how my site is setup, as a multi-vendor marketplace. Any member can upload a download file for sale, that's the point of paid downloads and commissions etc. Members can't create nexus products too and associate them etc, it's too confusing and silly to have 2x category structures or a nexus shop and the downloads This simple requires the cart to be extended to the downloads app.
  11. Can the Nexus cart be extended to 'paid' downloads too please?
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Using Nexus means building the whole site category tree twice, descriptions twice, twice the listings etc, it doesn't make sense. The site is a 'downloads' site like IPS marketplace but a cart is needed, every system I've found offers a cart for downloads except IPS. Really, a cart already exists for Nexus, what on earth is the problem with extending it to paid downloads? All focus seems to be on trying to make 'forums' stay relevant with social leaderboards and voting, fine but surely making 'downloads' relevant as an ecommerce solution is long overdue and would open up a wider market. It's so close....but the missing cart kills it.
  13. Is this on a to-do list whatsoever?
  14. There is a new odd behaviour when changing the category for Downloads files, you get redirected back to the original category rather than the file you just edited. This has added a lot of extra steps and frustation to managing a Downloads centric site. Is there any logic to this?
  15. Paid files, if you run a digital download store/marketplace the missing cart has been a glaring omission for years. In my case I've been waiting over four years so I stopped holding my breath some time ago
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